Security and Bandwidth

Priority 1 and 1A The best laid I.T. plans in the world all hinge only 2 things, Security and Bandwidth. It is a simple reality that is far too often, and in many cases, easily overlooked. Everyone has bandwidth, and everyone has security but to what level? We view these areas

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Cyber Security

It is not simply important to understand the value of security within I.T., it is paramount. With so many other aspects of I.T. driving business it seems bold to refer to it as “paramount”. It is bold, but it is also true in every in every sense of the word. Every single piece

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Facilities-based Security

While facilities-based security carries the same importance or value it is more easily perceived based on its tangibility, i.e.; cameras and monitors, alarms, fingerprint readers, retina scanners etc. These are physical pieces of hardware which speak for themselves. You either have them in place or

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Like security, bandwidth is the only other aspect of I.T. that affects everything. Bandwidth is generally an area of technology that falls into that “reactive” sort of approach because it sits behind the scenes and is not seen or heard until there is a problem. A when we run out

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