Information Security has evolved into a significant business risk, capturing the attention of senior leaders in organizations of every size and industry.

Our security consultants support CISOs in every aspect of their mission, leveraging our partners unique approach to cybersecurity strategy to deliver trusted support. Together with our partners we empower CISOs with the tools they need to develop, manage and report on cybersecurity programs that are end-to-end, business aligned, built on smart investment priorities and adaptable to evolving risks and priorities.

  • Strategy and Governance
  • Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Management
  • Incident Response and Cyber Resilience

Security Consulting

Our partners provide end-to-end professional services to support enterprise security architecture development and technology installation.

Our network engineers extend your internal capabilities, leveraging extensive field experience to deliver business-enabling service and support. The team includes senior engineers and senior solution architects with the skill sets to help you design and deploy an optimal IT security architecture.

And our goal is simple: to ensure your network environment is always secure, available, accessible and matched to your business needs.

  • Architecture and Design
  • Technology Assessments
  • Solution Implementation and Migration
  • Automation and Orchestration

Managed Security

Our expert analysts take a non-linear approach to threat detection, imitating the ad-hoc way an attacker moves through a network.

Leveraging disruptive monitoring, detection and analytics tools, the analysts reinject what they learn back through the chain, to strengthen their detective capabilities and interrupt activity at any stage of an attack.

  • Threat Intelligence and Monitoring
  • Breach Protection and Response
  • Security Device Management and Support

Strategic Cyber Staffing

Security Virtual CISOs provide direction to the growth and development of your information security program, drawing from their knowledge and senior-level experience to deliver the support you need.

Contracts are flexible; vCISOs can join your team for as little as a few days per month. You have access to subject matter experts which include threat intelligence and monitoring analysts, advanced testing labs and engineers and cryptographers.

  • Security Program Management
  • Security Project Management
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

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