Facilities-based Security

Posted on: July 19th, 2018

While facilities-based security carries the same importance or value it is more easily perceived based on its tangibility, i.e.; cameras and monitors, alarms, fingerprint readers, retina scanners etc.

These are physical pieces of hardware which speak for themselves. You either have them in place or you don’t. Cyber security is far more complex, but only in that it can be approached in so many ways both by I.T. directors and hackers alike. If you walk into a facility or an area of a facility that is off limits and a camera is in place your caught, you’re on camera period the end.

You can hack into someone’s network from a comfortable location of your choice. In addition, you have endless points of entry to attempt such access. Interestingly enough, some of the most vulnerable points on the network are on those same I.P. as the cameras used to secure your building or office.

It is common that the facilities and I.T. departments, while becoming more codependent, are still responsible for different things and thus viewed differently and in many cases given separate budgets. We understand though that those lines are drawing closer and will continue to draw even closer over time.

Don’t be left behind in this evolution.

We are positioned to bring cohesive all-encompassing solutions that address both facilities and cyber security in lock step. They should be viewed with the same level of importance and consideration.

Remember this, compute nodes can go down, applications can crash, storage arrays can crash, but how do those independently stack up to a security breach both in terms of time and money? Chasing the problem is always more costly and detrimental than heading it off before it happens.

Control what you can control because you can.

Everyone is changing the way they consume technology and that holds true for all of technology, none more important than security because it touches everything. Rise above patches, updates and revisions and more importantly new security exploits. The goal should not be that of a boastful remediation time. It should be that of not having to spend time remediating at all.

With the right plan and proactive approach and security concerns can be put to bed and removed from the I.T. equation.

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