Shrink your carbon footprint with a cloud-delivered SD-WAN.

A cloud-delivered software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) lowers carbon footprints by deploying fewer branch office devices, using cloud-delivered services and orchestration, sharing resources through virtualization and multi-tenancy, optimizing connectivity and bandwidth efficiency, and reducing cooling and power requirements in the branch office. This is friendly to the environment, and to your IT budget.

Demands in the branch office continue to grow

Branch office growth is not tapering off — neither in the number of locations, nor in the requirements for enterprise-grade functionality and ubiquitous access. Branch personnel need predictable and high-performance access to a growing suite of applications, hosted almost anywhere, to get their jobs done. Network access and response times, and security are crucial. Over time you’ve deployed any number of devices in each branch office to implement security, business policies and traffic management. Each device has lights and a fan and the heat generated necessitates round-the-clock cooling. Your company’s aggregate monthly energy consumption can be surprising.

Reduce resources used

The corporate green computing directive is clear: dramatically reduce the environmental impact of IT operations. This is a hard job, with harder numbers, which translates in practice to: maintain growth and provide cutting-edge functionality in every branch office — oh, and don’t forget the new ones still to be rolled out — while at the same time delivering 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% improvements on that energy bill. Fortunately, there are numerous trends and technologies available to help you achieve this.

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